Sunday, September 13, 2009

Perky Jerky.. uhh what?

Perky Jerky is beef jerky with caffeine added (via guarana) to help keep you awake and focused on trying to look busy while at work or wherever you're supposed to look focused...or for you lucky people who still go to school.. (jealous)
Perky Jerky caffeinated beef jerky is the world's first performance enhancing meat snack. Put simply, we've combined the most tender and flavorful beef jerky, with an extra dose of energy (caffeine, from the Guarana we add) to provide a jerky experience you won't find anywhere else.

Performance enhancing meat stick... uh huh... like i haven't heard those words before.. ahhhaha i jk..i just like the name.. perky jerky.. don't get any ideas...

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