Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BROWN = #1!!!!!! (douchiest college in America)

hahahhahhaha I LOVE IT!! GQ rated Brown the #1 Douchiest College in America.. beating out everyone else for the goal!! hahahha well guess which school also has the #1 Happiest Students?! Yeap Brown!! Here's what GQ wrote:
Home of: The "Peace Sign on My Mom's 7 Series" Douche
A belief that grades, majors, and course requirements are just another form of cultural hegemony; using the word hegemony.
In ten years, will be: Living with your family in an old house that you quit your job to refurbish yourself (by overseeing a contractor) with painstaking historical accuracy in a formerly decaying section of the city that's recently been reclaimed by a small population of white guys in hand-painted T-shirts who are helping you put together a health care fund-raiser for MoveOn.org.
Douchiest course offering: English 200: On Vampires and Violent Vixens: Making the Monster Through Discourses of Gender and Sexuality.
Honorable-mention limousine-liberal institutions: Duke, Reed, Oberlin, Wesleyan, Bard, RISD.

hahah my mom does drive a 7-series tho.. that made me laugh but she doesn't have a peace sign.. she has a mashimaro.. haha
Hit the Jump for the top 25 douchiest colleges in America

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